Yomim Noraim Reservations - 5780 / 2019

Full schedule coming soon

Rosh Hashanah (both days): $75
Yom Kippur: $75
Both RH & YK: $100

Due to limited space, unfortunately there are no seats available for women this year.
Same price for RH, both days or one day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a very limited number of seats available. Please do not pay unless you have been
contacted by someone from the Shul and told that a seat has been reserved for you. Please do not forward this page to others.

Please pay using PayPal below if you haven't paid yet. Questions regarding payment should be sent to treasurer@ohrhatorahbaltimore.org.
No one will be denied a seat due to money - please contact us if you need assistance

 Rosh Hashanah - Both Days

 Yom Kippur

Rosh Hashanah + Yom Kippur Seats (all three days)