Learning / Shiurim

Current Shiurim
  • Sha'alos U'tshuvos chaburah (for men) - will review highly interesting and historical teshuvos.
    • Monday nights, 8:30-9:30 pm
    • Join via Zoom or by phone, details available in our email newsletter
    • Archives are available here
  • Chumash/Rashi Shiur
    • Shabbos afternoon, 45 minutes before Mincha
    • Archives from shiurim that were given during the week are available here
Divrei Chizuk from Rabbi Rubin
Divrei Chizuk are recorded by Rabbi Rubin on an occasional basis. To receive them, you can subscribe as follows:

Recording of our shiurim can also be listened to as a podcast via the following methods:

Other Shiurim
Archived video recordings of all shiurim are available here